Home Sweet Home (Where I Rest My Weary Head)

Alli-Cat - my firstborn (aka, My Angel)

She's on a journey of motherhood and, therefore, self-discovery.

She is artistic, intelligent, sweet-natured, patient, graceful, goal-oriented and loving.

Emmy - My baby child (aka Doodle Bug)

She's already on a journey to serve the Lord.

She is funny, kind-hearted, generous, talkative, devoted, honest and lovable.

Because of this little guy, I am "LaLa".

He is on a journey of healing.

He is smart, cute as a button, hilarious, friendly, polite, strong in spirit and so huggable.

One of those rare times for a single mom:  when you've spent all day together in the same house and you're all still happy at the end of the day.
Praise the Lord for those!